6 board games to buy this summer

The summer season is perfect to enjoy recreational activities, sharing quality time with family and friends. It is common to spend a few hours in the pool, parks and gardens, at which time the table games They gain prominence, since they are dynamic, fun and require little space to start up.

If you love board games, we leave you a list that summarizes the six most outstanding that you can buy this summer. So you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Although you can find them in children’s themes, classics and even for adults, we focus this top on those fun for teenagers and the whole family.


It is a card game where we will have to contain the spread of contagious diseases. The setting of Virus! It is that of Our Lady of Tranjis, from where they misplace samples of experimental viruses. It is necessary to use cunning and knowledge as well as all the available means at your fingertips if you want to win this infectious game.

Jungle speed

If what you are looking for is a visual agility game, then you have found the right one. Jungle speed It consists of a set of letters with geometric drawings of different colors and a totem; Each player will have to draw their cards one by one, attentive to those that match in shape and the owners of those cards will have to try to take the totem. Whoever stays with him, hands his cards face up to the opponent.


With this game you will be guaranteed a lot of laughs and fun, but Guatafac It is only recommended for people over 18 years old. You will have 8 seconds per turn to guess the most bizarre thoughts of your companions in a board game full of black and green humor. Without a doubt, this is one of the best-selling games of the summer for its hilarious theme.

Yes, Dark Lord!

Yes, Dark Lord! is another fun-themed game, but this time one suitable for anyone over 12 years old. The Dark Lord’s plans have failed, as usual, and in search of a culprit, he searches among his followers for someone to punish for the fiasco that occurred on the mission. It is your job to convince him that it was not your fault and to get that blame on someone else.


Also for young people over 16 years old, we present Cocorroto, a creative game that consists of putting together the most immature, daring, double meaning and unethical phrases, which will surely make all the participants laugh. It is one of the most creative games of this summer, characterized by its daring.

Secret code

Secret code It is based on the guessing of words in which you will have to assume the role of a spy master, giving clues or trying to guess the whereabouts of the 25 secret agents that you have under command. It is a mystery game suitable for the whole family, children from 8 years old can participate and it guarantees great fun for everyone.

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