5 tips to pack before your trip

Taking care of ticket and hotel reservations can be quite demanding in terms of the time it takes. That is why, many times, it is time to to pack and we allow ourselves to be consumed by stress. It would be nice to have a kind of guide, a list of steps to follow, regardless of the type of trip to be made, to pack quickly and without problems. So, let’s keep reading and see these 5 tips to pack before any trip.

1. Make a list

Stopping to think about everything that might be necessary during the trip is a great idea, but writing it all is even better. If it is done calmly and in advance, you will even have the possibility to consult it later and think if you need to add something else. This will avoid the desperate runs of the night before looking for that shirt you want to wear.

2. Everything in its place

You already know what you need, now organize it. Is a backpack or suitcase better for you? If you will travel through cities or have the means of transportation for your transfers, a suitcase may be very good, but if you are going to visit complicated terrain such as mountains or beaches, perhaps a backpack will suit you. Less is more.

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3. Think about your outfits

The original list must be shortened. One way to do this is by forming combinations of clothes, to wear only the clothes that are actually going to be worn. The most basic garments, such as underwear, go to the suitcase first, and if there is space at the end, some heels or different belts.

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4. Roll up and fill each space

Bulkier items first: jeans, pants, and shoes. T-shirts, shirts and underwear they can be rolled up nicely to take up less space. It is important that every space is occupied, even the inside of the shoes, for example. Although this does not mean that your suitcase should be burst, if you do so, you will not have space to bring any souvenirs back home.

5. Have the essentials on hand

Winter clothes are perfect examples. Don’t put your coat in the suitcase, wear it. The same goes for really bulky shoes. But not only this, it is also recommended that you take some clothes, your personal and most valuable items in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase. You never know if your suitcase will stop at another destination before meeting you.

Also remember that there are regulations for the transport of electronic devices and liquids, and that customs may ask you to examine these items, so be prepared for it. Finally, and although it may seem obvious, do not forget to keep your documents with you and not in your luggage. They are the proof of your identity in any other country and you should not run the risk of losing them or you could have serious problems to board, to pass customs controls and, even, paradoxically, to collect your luggage once it has reached your destination.

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