5 Things to keep in mind before buying a gaming chair in 2021

You have seen gamers on YouTube and Twitch with the most amazing gaming chairs and now you have decided to buy one. The truth is that, although sitting for too long can bring its problems, it is inevitable during a long game. There are ways to reduce the impact of sitting for hours on your health considerably, and that’s what gaming chairs are all about.

Therefore, and in view of how important they are to the gamer community, in this article we will briefly discover 5 things to keep in mind before making your purchase. If you are well advised, you will be able to invest your money in the best way, and that new acquisition will probably accompany you for a long time and many games won. For the final purchase we advise you to take a look at this website dedicated to helping you choose the best chair according to quality price.

However, before we are going to see the 5 most important factors that must be taken into account:

Find a gaming chair according to your weight and height

One of the best features of these chairs is that they adapt to your body. That includes your weight and your height. Each of them has a recommended height and weight. Therefore, if you still do not know them or are not sure, take your measurements before going out to make your purchase. That will help you make a better choice.

There are gaming chairs designed for users a little shorter in stature, such as some models of the DXRacer. Others are much more versatile in this regard, but you don’t want a chair that is too high either. These chairs are anatomically designed to support your back and your body weight, and an error in proportion could defy the whole purpose of buying them in the first place.

Pay special attention to weight if you are of robust build, and make sure it has good support to support your weight. We don’t want any accidents to happen.

Make sure it’s adjustable and customizable

Another main feature of gaming chairs is the wide range of adjustments that you can make according to your preferences. A good chair will allow you to make all kinds of adjustments to achieve a good position and a lot of comfort at the time of a game.

The most basic is having adjustable height through a gas piston and the ability to recline back at a wide angle. Some of them even change to a horizontal position and allow you to take a nap. The most advanced chairs not only have these two adjustments but many more.

The lumbar support, the head pad, and the armrests can be changed and customized according to the use that you will give them and the position you want to adopt during the game. (We recommend you at least opt ​​for 3D armrests, the best would be 4D)

Although its level of customization is impressive, it is not made for the vain goal of impressing. It is to provide support to the body and promote posture to avoid musculoskeletal problems and improve your gaming experience.

Give more priority to comfort, but also look for something attractive

When buying your perfect gamer chair, you must balance the attractiveness of the design and the functionality it offers you. Keep in mind that the most popular chairs are those that get exposure with famous gamers and during E-sports tournaments. They are usually the best designed and the most colorful, but not necessarily the most comfortable and adjustable.

Therefore, do not get carried away only by the attractiveness and the exterior design of the product. Remember that the true value of your gaming chair is in its comfort.

Therefore, we will give you some examples that you should take into account so as not to get carried away solely by visual appeal:

  • If you are going to buy a gaming chair to play driving video games, make sure it is modified for gamers. Car seats are made to protect racing drivers from jerky movements that you won’t experience in a gaming session. These chairs are attractive, but make sure they are functional for gamers, that their support is adequate, and that they can adapt to the shape of your body.
  • Some models of gamer chairs are nothing more than an ordinary office chair with a larger and more attractive seat back. To avoid buying such a chair, be sure to test every inch of the materials and how they receive your body weight. Make sure it’s really ergonomic, and not just visually appealing.

Listen to recommendations if you are going to buy online

Although you might find a local business with gaming chairs somewhere, it is not the most common. You have probably seen them online and not in a store. The internet makes our selection much wider and allows us to contact any distributor, making our purchase in a matter of seconds.

However, it will not allow us to physically test the chair before clicking the buy button. That is why it is so important to seek advice and read reviews when you go shopping online. Look for reputable sites online that not only sell chairs but also conscientiously counsel their buyers.

You can find a better value for money on these sites, but only if you let yourself be guided by those who have really tried different models.

If you have a good budget, do not hesitate to buy a Premium chair

While it is true that the most expensive is not always the best, Premium chairs generally have a higher price, but improved functionality and comfort.

A quality gaming chair will not eliminate all the problems associated with sitting for a long time. However, it will give you support in the entire region of the back and adequate support to avoid posture problems that in the long run will save you a lot of pain and medical consultations.

Therefore, it is worth buying a chair that, although it costs a little more, is the most appropriate for the use you will give it.


In summary, 5 recommendations that we give you to achieve the best quality / price ratio: Take into account your weight and height, make sure that your gaming chair is customizable, look for something attractive but mainly comfortable, listen to recommendations and not be afraid to pay for a good quality product.

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