5 retro video games that marked an era

Throughout the videogame history, we have enjoyed a large number of unforgettable stories and titles, with unique characters that undoubtedly marked our childhood.

Therefore, today we will make a tribute remembering those retro video games who led the rankings, thanks to their good reviews, their influence and of course their originality.

Video games that marked your childhood

The era of video games began in 1950, but it was only in the seventies that they managed to enter the consumer market of the new generations with force. And it was so boom that the video game industry is becoming stronger today and produces innovative stories that have become the entertainment mode of many people.

let’s remember 5 of the best video games ever:

Pong – 1972

Pong was the first video game to achieve commercial success and the one that helped the video game industry establish a solid foundation within the consumer market.

All this despite the fact that Pong was a fairly simple video game, since it was only a 2D Ping-Pong game.

Pac-Man – 1980

Pac-man It is undoubtedly one of the most famous video games in history, so much so that when you hear about retro video games, there is no doubt that the first one that comes to your mind is Pac-Man.

Pac-Man was an innovative video game for its time. Since it was the first to introduce elements such as: bonuses, power-ups, and enemies with artificial intelligence.

Tetris – 1984

This is a fairly simple video game as well, but although it may seem incredible, despite the technological advances that video games have today, it is still the one that caused the greatest impact, thanks to its simplicity and its genius at the same time.

Tetris was the best-selling game in history, and it was designed by a computer engineer of Russian origin.

Super Mario Bros – 1986

Super Mario Bros tells the story of an Italian plumber whose sole mission was to rescue his princess, overcoming any obstacle that came his way, which is why it was a video game that quickly achieved fame and made animated characters in video games fashionable.

Metal Gear – 1987

And how to forget this famous video game series that was created by Hideo kojima. The name of Metal gear, is inspired by combat vehicles that have the appearance of a bipedal tank and feature advanced technology.

In the original version of Metal Gear, the player takes control of the elite soldier named Snake. He is an expert in combat, survival and defense tactics. This character must initially collect all the necessary elements throughout the game to complete his mission.

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