5 Regions of Brazil with Spectacular Beaches

Brazil It is the fifth country in the world in terms of territorial extension. Much of its surface is covered by the Amazon rainforest and other natural wonders that have made it the main tourist destination in all of South America. The tourism industry is second only to the Mexican in all of Latin America and is the source of a high percentage of jobs for the country.

It is true that many tourists visit Brazil for the Carnival, or to know the wonders of its cities. Others prefer the almost virgin terrain for adventure tourism, but it must be said: Brazil has spectacular coastlines that are perfect for beach lovers. The best of all is that they are distributed throughout the territory, so no matter where you go, you will have one of the best beaches in Brazil at your disposal.

Northeast Region

The northeast region looks out to Atlantic Ocean and it represented the entry point of the European colonizers when the territory was populated only by indigenous cultures. Let’s see which are the most important beaches in this region.

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It is relatively close to the city of Strength and it is attractive for lovers of water sports thanks to its strong winds. The landscape is beautiful and is made up of freshwater lagoons, crystal-clear beaches and white sand dunes. The flora and fauna of the region will also delight nature lovers.

Morro de São Paulo

This town hides beautiful beaches hidden between mangrove and coral forests. Each of the four beaches brings together a different audience: surfers, nightlife lovers, naturalists and people in search of tranquility. Here you will always find a beach suitable for your own interests.

Central region

Rio de Janeiro It is the most important city in the center of Brazil and for some time it was the capital of the country. It hosts the famous carnivals, expected by the world population every year, but it is also close to wonderful beaches like the ones shown below.

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Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande an island paradise protected by very strict environmental regulations. Its numerous beaches are perfect for those who seek to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes in tranquility, on almost desert beaches, with crystal clear waters, strong waves and sand at the foot of the jungle.


For those looking to integrate beach fun with urban life, Ipanema it is the ideal destination. It has beautiful beaches, which also offer a vast activity for all tastes, day and night.

Southern region

To the south of the country is the Búzios region, which also has beautiful beaches, but there are also many churches and viewpoints that can be visited to enjoy the natural landscapes.


Without a doubt, the most famous beach in the area is Copacabana. A wonderful destination for those looking to relax.

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