5 reasons why every gamer should use a VPN

Undoubtedly, the video game industry It has evolved and, therefore, a high percentage of players spend their time playing online. This allows them to face in fun games with people from all over the world, very quickly and immediately, as long as the speed of the internet connection is good.

Precisely, in this article we will talk about the internet connection and how important it is for every player to have the best VPN services to be able to play online without problems. It offers more than interesting advantages and allows you to avoid inconveniences that could directly affect the gaming experience and therefore your competitiveness.

So get comfortable and get ready to know all the advantages that a VPN offers you when playing, surely you will want to use the service after reading the list.

1. Allows you to avoid bandwidth limitation

One method that internet service providers use, without many people noticing, is the bandwidth limitation. It is usually applied to people who are used to playing online titles, due to the bandwidth that is needed to carry out this activity.

With the help of a VPN, you will prevent the company from monitoring and observing what you are doing with your internet connection, which will prevent them from identifying what you are using your bandwidth for and it is much more unlikely that such limitation will apply to you.

In theory, ISPs do this to avoid network saturation and balance usage among all their users. But it is also true that sometimes they also use this method to encourage customers to purchase a better package, making the one they have already contracted artificially insufficient.

If you want to have a good connection speed at all times and being one of the featured players in your favorite titles like Fortnite or FIFA 20, this is an advantage that you definitely cannot miss.

2. Play newly released titles before your friends

In some cases, video game developers and publishers plan different release dates for their video games depending on the region, so that in one continent a game can be launched in one market before another.

If you hire a VPN service, you can connect to a server in a country where the game in question has already been launched, allowing you to play it before it’s available in your location, all you have to do is buy it in the corresponding store and start enjoying.

3. Say goodbye to region filters for multiplayer games

Many multiplayer titles classify their players according to the region they are in, preventing, in most cases, that players from China cannot face South American players, for example.

Another advantage of VPNs is that you can connect to a server in any other region and play against the players in the area you want. This way, you can rub shoulders with Asian players, who tend to be very competitive in most games.

4. IP ban will no longer be a problem

Another thing that usually happens a lot in the multiplayer game universe is that competitors tend to become unnerved when another surpasses them with a high advantage range, mistakenly labeling them as a cheater, causing them to be suspended.

Said suspension consists of not admitting that a player who has your IP address can enter the game again. Of course, with the help of a VPN you can choose to connect with the IP of the server you want and play that title again from which you were unjustly expelled.

5. It can reduce the PING

Beyond the speed of uploading or downloading your connection is fast, it is of little use if the ping is very high, since this measurement records the time it takes your device to send and receive data from the server to which you are connected .

Thanks to the advantages of a VPN, you can decrease the amount of ping, configuring that your connection has the same location as the servers of the game you want to play. This will dramatically improve the fluidity of the game.

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