5 curiosities you did not know about Disney World

A kingdom of fantasy in which both young and old have the opportunity to see their dreams come true, this is how the Disney World theme park has been described countless times by those who have had the chance to visit it.

However, this charming place also holds some secrets and curiosities that you will surely want to know, so below we leave you a brief account with five things that you possibly did not know about the magical world of Disney.

1. It is the cleanest amusement park in the world

Although there is no specific data on the number of garbage cans that the facilities of this place have, there are those who affirm that every 30 steps you will be able to find a garbage container to deposit wrappers or other types of waste, while there is always a team that is aware that all areas of the venue are kept impeccable.

This is undoubtedly a great job, which at the same time generates an act of conscience and order for the smallest of the home.

2. It has an army of cats

And since we have touched on the issue of cleaning, it is worth mentioning that within the park facilities the presence of cats during the afternoons or nights is very common, and its purpose is very peculiar.

It turns out that as every day this space is visited by a large number of people, the generation of waste is very numerous, and that is when the felines come into action, since they ensure that the proliferation of rats or mice is kept at bay, with what they guarantee the order of this place.

Without a doubt a very adorable and efficient team.

3. The perpetual light in the Fire Station

According to the stories that are told within this place, during its long construction Walt Disney and his family lived temporarily in the vicinity of the park, and their temporary home was the upper floor of the fire station.

That is why to date, before dark, a lamp is lit in front of the main window on the second floor of the station, whose objective is to honor the founder of this empire.

4. Edible flowers

Another of the main characteristics of such a unique kingdom is the immense amount of flowers that adorn much of this complex, and according to the official Disney World website, those near the “Tomorrowland” area are edible.

However, we recommend that you refrain from trying such colorful ornaments, as they may not taste how you imagine them.

5. The most impressive light show in the world

And to culminate with this short list, we cannot omit the fact that every night without fail the sky of this park is illuminated with the fantastic artificial light show.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this place spent millions of pesos a year on fireworks and explosives. It has even been speculated that its purchase exceeds that made by the US Army.

However, each of the detonations is perfectly calculated and so far no mishap has occurred.

These are some interesting facts about such an enigmatic space, although if you want to find out on your own, we recommend you to quote among the different hotels in Dinseyland and schedule your trip.

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