4 Tips you should know if you miss your flight

Evidently miss the flight It is not the best of scenarios, especially in an unfamiliar country. However, it is more common than you might think. All it takes is a slight delay or encountering endless lines at the security checkpoints to not arriving at the boarding gate on time. In such a stressful situation, there may be a lack of clarity about what to do. Here we leave a series of tips that may be useful if this happens to you.

1. Better safe than sorry

It is better to avoid this situation. Prepare to leave your hotel or home early, keep your luggage organized and take into account the restrictions on the items you can transport for save time at checks. Have your documents and boarding pass handy and try to show up at the airport at least two hours in advance to give yourself a decent margin of time, in case an irregular situation arises. Find out, if possible, about the location of your boarding gate so as not to waste time asking for directions.

Take into account rush hours, the availability of means of transport and check that there are no strikes planned on the day of your trip. Reduce the unexpected to the maximum.

2. Document the whole situation

If you still cannot arrive on time and you consider that the responsibility is not entirely yours, perhaps due to the inefficiency of the airport service, or unnecessary complications that took you longer than expected, then document everything. How? Well, try to take photos where you can see a clock that indicates the time of your arrival, the check-in time of your luggage and tell someone you know everything that is happening to record your situation in real time. This may help you submit claims or try to reason with your airline later.

3. keep calm

It is true that this is a scenario in which no one wants to see themselves. It causes a lot of stress to have to be in front of the closed gate and, especially, to have to deal with the airline staff. Especially if they deny you the possibility of boarding with a smile on their lips, because it seems that they are not able to understand your situation. Keep in mind that, even if it is the first time for you, it is something very frequent, so the first step is to keep calm and don’t panic. In this way, you can ask for help and find a solution more easily.

4. Talk to your airline

Explain your situation at the counter of your airline, they are the ones who can offer you solutions. In most cases, they will offer you to travel on the next flight to the same destination and will inform you if there is any difference in the fare so that you can pay it. If the delay is specified in advance, you can try to call and solve the problem before the flight departs. In some cases, there are even clauses that cover you in case of unforeseen situations and you could be exempted from the additional payment.

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