10 places to visit in Australia

Australia It is the sixth largest country in the world, and the truth is that it appears to be a continent unto itself. It has huge expanses of uninhabited land and is a very rich territory from a geographical point of view. It is so big and has so many attractions that tourists often don’t know where to start.

Here we offer a guide to the places that you cannot miss on a visit to this country.


It is the most populated city in the country and it is a modern city with an immense offer for tourists. The Opera House, the bridge over Sydney Harbor or the Botanical Garden are just some of the must-see places in this city.


It was chosen as the best city to live in 2011. In addition, sports fans will find here the Tennis Open, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and can enjoy a ride aboard the City Circle Tram that takes passengers free of charge to all the tourist areas of the city.

Ayers Rock (Uluru)

This huge reddish monolith, emblematic of the country, is located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The closest city is 450 km by road, but a day surrounded by nature in its purest form and the beautiful sunset will give meaning to the trip.

The Twelve Apostles

It is a beautiful rock formation eroded by the raging waters of the sea. It is located in the Port Campbell National Park, which can be visited from Melbourne. You do not have to pay any ticket to access the viewpoint.

The great coral barrier

For those who are passionate about diving, this should be the first place on the list. It is located in the northwest of the country, off the coast of Queensland, and it is the most beautiful seabed on the planet. It houses a huge variety of fish and plants that delight visitors.


It is an island in southern Australia, separated by the Bass Strait. It is true that there are populations, but nature preserves the domain of the area and exhibits it through the exotic fauna and flora it has to offer.

Gold coast

If your thing is to relax on the beach and enjoy a very active nightlife, near Queensland are the Burleigh Heads beach and the Lamington National Park in all its splendor.

The blue mountains

It is a mountain range located just 50 km from Sydney, full of flora that gives it its characteristic blue appearance. It represents an opportunity to escape from urban life and get in touch with nature and with some of the typical species of the country such as koalas, for example.

Whitehaven beach

These are spectacular beaches, with pristine sand and crystal clear water. What we must bear in mind is that, in this place, the disconnection from the routine will be complete, so it will be better to be well prepared.

Nambung National Park

It is located on the west coast, the wildest in the country, and is home to the Pinnacles, limestone formations that offer the visitor a curious landscape but very interesting to see.

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