10 gay-themed movies you need to see

Gay-themed movies have made a breakthrough leap to the big screen as directors and artists try to portray the reality of the LGBT community. Stories of love or lack of love are presented that can capture, at once, the public’s attention through the intense feelings that are exposed in these cinematographic productions.

The tapes based on this type of plot tell a love full of passion, strong emotions, discovery and personal growth. For the most part, the stories do not have a happy ending, which has generated a lot of excitement among critics and moviegoers. However, some of them have set the tone in the seventh art and are important references of the dramatic romantic genre..

In this opportunity, we recommend 10 gay-themed movies that should be seen. In this list there are different genres, nationalities and stories, both real and fictional, that are responsible for providing the viewer with different emotions and reflections in order to understand a little more the thoughts and feelings of the LGBT community.

10 gay-themed movies that must be seen

There are films that manage to hook the public only because of their love stories and strong emotions, projected through the big screen. Gay-themed feature films are excellent to achieve this task and in this list are the 10 that have had the most influence within the film world and that cannot be missed.

Secret in the mountain

This is the story of two cowboys who were in charge of tending sheep on Brokeback Mountain, a ranch that is secluded from civilization. An attraction arose in both men, a reason that led them to start a romantic relationship, but, out of fear of facing the truth, each one went their separate ways, although, after a few years, a reunion occurs.

One of the most recognized and referential productions of the gay theme and a film boom of 2005, its first year. A devastating romantic story that won three Oscar statuettes, including Best Director, for Ang Lee, and Best Film of the Year, the same award that was won at the Venice Film Festival.

Call me by your name

One of the most recognized and acclaimed productions in the cinematographic world of the decade, not only by the public of the LGBT community, but in general, which received good reviews, as well as nominations in the different cinema award galas, among them , the Oscar, where it was the winner of the statuette for Best Screenplay.

The Perlman family lives in a country house in northern Italy. Elio, the youngest of them, is attracted to Oliver, his parents’ friend who visits the house for a while. Between them grows a chemistry and an unbridled love that they must manage in secret due to the environment, the age difference and the prejudices against homosexuality.

The life of Adele

A lesbian-themed production that caught the attention of moviegoers due to the controversy that existed regarding the director’s treatment of actresses, but which, when viewed, manages to hook viewers into this slightly unusual love story.

It focuses on Adèle, a beautiful young woman, who since her adolescence has had a conflict with herself due to her sexual orientation. One night in a lively bar he approaches Emma, ​​a girl with blue hair who has always caught his attention and love immediately blossoms between them. The couple will evolve little by little until it shows two mature women with mixed feelings.


With an adaptation of the novel The Price of Salt and the great performances of the two Hollywood representatives, Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara, Todd Hayne presents one of the most significant stories of his entire career and one of the most influential on the homosexual theme. This film in 2015 had six Academy Award nominations, although it was not a winner.

It’s a trip back in time, set in the 50’s in New York City. A story that tells how love at first sight can be true and how appearances can be deceiving so that a life of misery can be totally covered. Carol is a well-positioned woman who is involved in a fake marriage, while Theresa is a humble young woman who pursues her dreams.

The stranger from the lake

In this feature film three intersecting stories are told, starring men who continually go to a lake surrounded by a forest, in search of a life full of excesses and liberation. Between them an attraction is awakened that is not reciprocated in the way they would like and while they resolve their feelings, the murder of a swimmer occurs in this place.

With love, Simon

A modern movie based on a book with the same name. In it you can see the story of acceptance and romance of Simón, a high school student who decides to come out of the closet admirably, without allowing himself to be overcome by prejudice. In it, there are no dramas that go beyond the pressures of social media and hallway gossip so common in adolescence.

The law of Desire

A production by the Spanish Pedro Almodóvar that, in the 80s, managed to position itself as one of the most influential and interesting feature films of Spanish cinema and filmmaker. A romantic genre melodrama that presents the story of three main characters: a film director who is homosexual, a psychopath in love, and a transsexual woman.

Happy together

You could not miss this production from China, from the hands of the director of Hong Kong, Wong Kar-Wai. An intense love story that was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, despite the fact that during its filming it was a constant test, as it did not have a completely written script beforehand by which to orient itself.

It focuses on the sentimental experience of two men, Lai and Ho, who make a trip to Argentina in order to see the Iguazú Falls. During the plot of the film and the trip, they show what it is like to live in a relationship and the processes that can be found in them, from the happiest and most romantic experiences, to those related to pain and love breakdown.

Boys don’t cry

Kimberly Peirce presents a more extended version of her short film The Boys Don’t Cry. This story revolves around the importance of knowing the sexual identity of each one. Hilary Swank plays the character Teena Brandon, a young woman who pretends to be a man all her life and adopts the name Brandon Teena; a role that earns him his first Oscar.


A passionate weekend love story between two people who consider themselves polar opposites, but who experience strong emotions. On the one hand, Russell is a gay who is still in the closet and has a very reserved personality, while Glen is extremely outgoing, charismatic and is not afraid or sorry to express who he really is.

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